Buffalo Trace: ‘no end in sight’ to Bourbon shortage

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Buffalo Trace has claimed that its Bourbon shortages “still remain” and there is “no way to predict” when supply will catch up with booming demand.

The distiller issued a statement last week updating the industry and consumers on its Bourbon inventory shortages.

After first admitting to a shortage of stocks last year, Buffalo Trace has undertaken various initiatives to increase supply, but the distiller claims that the entire Bourbon industry is now “feeling the full effects” of an inability to meet demand.

While Mark Brown, CEO of Sazerac, Buffalo Trace’s parent company, said that a continuing high demand for Bourbon meant that the distillery was still around “100,000 barrels short of where it needed to be”, Maker’s Mark controversially said it would lower its abv to stretch supplies – a decision swiftly reversed.

The company also said since many of its barrels are aged for eight to 20 years, a significant portion of its liquid is lost due to evaporation.

The Spirits Business recently reported that Bourbon distillers predict the shortage will be “short lived”, but is expected to last two years.

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3 thoughts on “Buffalo Trace: ‘no end in sight’ to Bourbon shortage”

  1. The company is risking losing business as consumers are discovering bourbons that are comparable or better than BFT, Blanton’s, or Eagle Rare.


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