Blending or Vatting

Focus on the whisky process: Blending or Vatting

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While many believe that single malts come from a single cask or barrel, they are actually more commonly made from a blend of different casks and barrels from within the same distillery.

Blending or Vatting? This gives depth and complexity to the finished product and allows for consistency, which is important to creating popular drams.

Blending is a skill that does not come overnight, it takes years and even decades to become a good blender.

There is a need to understand more than just the malt, but also the wood and the time needed for development.  Blenders play a crucial role in creating high quality and consistent malt, right from the very beginning of the Whisky making process.

Before Whisky can be bottled it still needs to be coloured.  This is done by adding the caramel colouring E150-a and helps achieve consistency.

While those in the industry state that this caramel colouring does not affect flavour, there are those out there who believe it does.  As such, some distilleries have started releasing bottles without the colouring and with no added colour printed on the label.

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