Bimber Palo Cortado Selfridges Exclusive Single Malt English Whisky

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Made using traditional methods, Bimber Palo Cortado Selfridges Exclusive Single Malt English Whisky is a wonderful expression.

Bimber Distillery

Based in north London, Bimber Distillery was founded by Dariusz Plazewski and filled their first barrels in 2016. Since then they have released a wide array of malts, each with a stunning character and flavour profile. 

The distillery has also partnered with the likes of Transport for London to release Underground themed expressions and have recently put in a planning application to open a distillery in Moray.

With such a stellar track record of making English malt, it is easy to envision that they might be able to battle it out with the big dogs in Scotland. A key part of Bimber’s ethos is traditional whisky making. They source all of their barley from one farm and even have their own floor maltings, a traditional part of whisky making that isn’t common anymore.

With this release they have partnered with another staple of London culture, the famous department store Selfridges, who are the exclusive retailers for this expression. They have also worked with the famous Gonzalez Byass bodega to source the best casks for maturation.

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Bimber Palo Cortado Single Malt English Whisky

Matured in the finest Gonzalez Byass Palo Cortado Sherry butts, the Bimber x Selfridges Palo Cortado Single Malt has a wonderfully well rounded flavour profile.

The nose begins with notes of dried fruit, sherry spice and lots of sweet caramel notes. Oak wood appears, with hints of vanilla and a slight nod to dark chocolate.

The palate is rich with more sherried notes and dashes of citrus fruits. Caramel and honey give it a smooth mouthfeel and tie in well with the oak wood. It is warming and homely, with an elegance and sophistication at the same time.

The finish is bold and sweet, with a lasting note of caramel and spice.

Bimber Distillery might not have been around for very long, but they are certainly producing malt like experts. This expression captures the wonderful qualities of this English malt as well as the richness of the sherry casks used in maturation.


What are your thoughts on Bimber Distillery and their malt? Have you tried their Bimber x Selfridges Palo Cortado expression? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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