Bar review: Nippon Bottle Company, Dubai

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People probably walk past the entrance to Nippon Bottle Company everyday without ever realising it.

Like many speakeasies that have gone before it, Nippon is hidden behind a bookshelf in the Dusit Thani Hotel lobby.

If that isn’t enough to intrigue you, then the vast collection of Japanese Whisky and Beers behind the bookshelf just might.

This is the first speakeasy of its type in Dubai and is riffing off the rise in secret and exclusive bars that have risen in cities like New York and London recently.

Once you have pushed open the book case-come-door you are entered into a small room covered in mirrors.  It is truly like something you would find in Alice Through the Looking Glass and has been dubbed “the selfie room”.

Where better to take a picture of yourself than a room filled with mirrors?

Once you are able to locate a small arrow on the wall indicating how to get to the next room, you are entered into a cosy and well-stocked bar.

It has a distinctly Japanese feel to it and seeks to recreate the popular dive bars one would find around Tokyo, filled with yellow light bulbs and monochrome wall coverings.

The space takes you away from the hot streets of Dubai and enters you into a new era of drinking in the city.  Images of Tokyo itself flicker across TV screens and give the impression that you are somewhere else altogether.

The bar itself has a host of Japanese Whisky and Beer on offer.  From well know brands to slightly more obscure labels, this the place to go if you want an exclusive atmosphere and the opportunity to try something new.

Take a look at the photos to see how much fun Kirsty and I had visiting, thank you very much to Nippon Bottle Company for being superb hosts, we cannot wait to go back.

With rumours of several more speakeasies to open in the great city, Nippon Bottle Company will not be on its own for much longer.  But until then, this is the place to be for all things speakeasy and Japanese.

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