Ardnamurchan Whisky – The Highland’s Finest

Situated  in the heart of the undisturbed Scottish highlands, in the heart of the Ardnamurchan peninsula, you will find one of the most rugged and unspoiled distilleries in all of Scotland – Ardnamurchan distillery.

We’ve a real soft spot for this particular distillery, and not just because of the fact that they provide such amazing drams of whisky either. The distillery uses renewable energy to keep their carbon footprint down. Using a bio-mass boiler, along with hydro-electric power. The bio-mass boiler uses sustainable, regenerative timber from the Ardnamurchan forest to provide heat for the floor maltings.

One of the most remote distilleries in Scotland, and dare we say, the entire world, Ardnamurchan is a relatively new distillery that will in fact be celebrating its 10th birthday in May of 2024. Constructed and owned by Adelphi, an independent bottling company founded in 1826, they released their first official whisky in 2017.

In particular, there are three releases that we here at Great Drams have been very impressed with, which just so happen to be the three we’ll be looking at today.

Ardnamurchan AD/Rum

Ardnamurchan whisky offers amazing layers of flavour that just seem to get better and better with every sip. That, along with its amazing location, and the distillery’s dedication to lowering their carbon footprint, really help set it apart from some of their competitors.

What we really liked about this dram however, is the finishing process. Just like Captain Jack Sparrow, we too are very fond of rum, so when we learned that Ardnamurchan were finishing their delicious whisky in rum casks, we got very excited indeed.

The whisky packs a punch at 55%, yet has a uniquely golden straw colour that is much lighter in colour than we were expecting. By combining peated and unpeated whisky, they’ve created the perfect balance here, with just enough smoke to let you know it’s there, without smashing you in the face.

On the nose, the rum cask’s influence is immediately present, as you can detect notes of brown sugar, caramelised banana, and tropical fruits. Sniff again, and you get more of the whisky, with a light oak smoke aroma, hay, and sticky apricot jam with a touch of peaty earthiness.

On the palate, you’ve transported to the Caribbean, as demerara sugar, caramel, banana, and fresh vanilla are immediately present. Sip again, and you can pick up citrus zest, salted peanuts, sour cream, bonfire toffee, toasted oak, and roasted marshmallows. There is also a hint of peat hiding in the background, begging to be discovered.

The finish is not as long as we expected, and has a slightly oily mouthfeel that we loved. You get rich and dark chocolate with a touch of bitterness, coupled with candied almonds and zesty orange peel. There is a spicy, peppery warmth to complete the experience. Absolutely spot on!

Ardnamurchan AD Single Cask

Next up, we’ve this delightful single cask offering from Ardnamurchan, and what a treat it is.

Finding Ardnamurchan whisky is becoming tougher and tougher, especially their single cask releases. When they are released, they are limited, and because they’re in such high demand, they’re snapped up quickly. This dram is no exception.

Upon the label you will find a QR code, which you can scan, to learn more about your beloved whisky. We love this feature as you can learn more about the whisky, before you reward yourself with a sip or two.

This non-chill filtered, amber coloured treasure comes in at a warming 46.8% ABV. It has everything you could ever want from a single-malt, and more on top.

On the nose, you get chocolate limes, citrus zest, a touch of sea spray, cherry, and a touch of earthy peat.

On the palate, you should be able to pick up more of those citrus influences, with lemon, lime, and orange zest all shining through. There’s also plenty of orchard fruits, creamy vanilla fudge, oak smoke, peat, honey and barley, and salted caramel to be enjoyed. There’s a lot of flavours to keep your mouth busy here.

The finish is medium in length, offering winter spiced notes, candied orange peel, sweet oak and vanilla, and yet more earthy, peaty notes to tie everything together.

Ardnamurchan AD/08.23:02

Finally, using the old coding system on the label, which Ardnamurchan no longer does, we have this amazing expression from their core batch.

Matured in ex-bourbon and ex-sherry casks, and with an ABV of 46.8%, this golden hay nectar is limited to 10,854 bottles.

On the nose, you should be able to pick up aromas of stewed fruits, citrus zest, oak, dried fruits, and touch of vanilla. There is a slight dustiness as well, which works surprisingly well.

On the palate, the sherry cask’s influence is apparent instantly, as you’ll taste plump raisins, sticky dates, and sherry-soaked sultanas. Sip again, and burnt oranges, candied citrus zest, sweet vanilla oak, and a touch of bonfire smoke should enter the fold. There’s also a touch of chocolate honeycomb to be enjoyed.

The finish is lengthy, offering a slight oiliness and plenty of tannins to give amazing mouthfeel. You should be left with honey, salted caramel, toasted oak, dark chocolate, and malted milk drink. This is the perfect tipple to enjoy before getting cosy in bed.

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