Ardbeg Invites Whisky Lovers to Join the Debate and Grab their Own Bottle of Ardbeg 8 for Discussion

For Ardbeg lovers around the globe, Islay’s peatiest single malt whisky is offering the chance to get hold of a bottle of the limited edition Ardbeg 8 Years Old For Discussion this autumn.

Originally launched in summer 2021, Ardbeg 8 Years Old For Discussion started life as a Committee Exclusive bottling, inviting Committee members to openly discuss the new release – how did it match up to its Ten Year Old sibling? As a big, youthful whisky with dram fulls of personality, it kicked off debate in the whisky world as a temporary addition to the Ardbeg range. Now with just a small number of bottles remaining, Ardbeg is throwing open its virtual doors and inviting peat-lovers to join the Committee and finally get hold of their own bottle before it goes….

This ‘For Discussion’ release started out as a thought experiment by Ardbeg’s Director of Distilling and Whisky Creation, Dr Bill Lumsden. As he sampled Ardbeg casks at different ages, he found new dimensions of smoky flavour in the spirit. He asked himself: What if, in an alternative universe, Ardbeg Ten Years Old was not the Distillery’s ‘flagship’ aged expression? Perhaps a new whisky, smokier, but balanced by ex-Sherry casks, could be a worthy centrepiece to the Ardbeg core range?

This hypothesis gave birth to Ardbeg 8 Years Old For Discussion. And now after much discussion and dram-fuelled reflection, it appears that Ardbeg lovers are continuing to explore the alternative universe of the limited-edition.

Dr Bill said: “Ardbeg 8 Years Old is a delectable, young and curious whisky. I like to think of it as the ‘alternative universe’ version of Ardbeg Ten Years Old. Releasing an aged ex-Sherry whisky was new territory for us last year so it’s been fantastic to hear the Committee’s thoughts to help us find that smoky sweet spot that Ardbeg lovers look for.”

Colin Gordon, Ardbeg’s Distillery Manager, said: “We’ve had some interesting feedback from the Committee on the release. Its youthful, boldness seems to have made it popular as a fun dram with a difference. We hope that anyone who hasn’t yet tried it who loves smoky whiskies will seek out their own bottle and enjoy it before it’s gone!” Ardbeg 8 For Discussion is available via this autumn, RRP: £57. The Ardbeg Committee is free to join at

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