Alfred Giraud Heritage Blended French Malt Whisky

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From Cognac masters Alfred Giraud comes a exceptionally smooth blended French whisky.

For the love of whisky

France consumes the most whisky of any country in the world per capita. By volume it’s India, but by head, France is legions ahead of everyone. But as with all things, the French know quality when they encounter it, so of course they love whisky.

It makes sense then that they would eventually turn their hand to making it, and that they have, with some 60-70 distilleries existing already in the country. Most of these are small and make whisky to be sold locally, with only a handful making it outside the country’s borders (Brenne being perhaps the most well known).

Enter Alfred Giraud. Started in 2012 the brand actually makes Cognac, and are very good at it. The founder, Phillppe Giraud, named the company after his great-grandfather, who worked at Remy Martin for over 30 years. In fact, he is the fourth generation in his family to make Cognac.

Considering the love the French have for whisky, Phillippe decided to do what not many had done before him; blend a French malt that can really take on the big names in the whisky world.

And so, Alfred Giraud started making French blended malt whisky.

Tasting notes for Heritage French Blended Malt Whisky

Bottle cost: 135,00

Pitched as a luxury whisky, Heritage is made up of three select French malt whiskies that have been matured in three different casks; French limousine, XO Cognac casks and American oak.

The nose opens with light floral hints and lovely sweet vanilla. It is rich and intriguing. Oak wood appears and adds a light caramel tone.

The palate is full of orchard fruits, dew covered grass and pear crumble. There is a slight warming note, with come cinnamon coming through. More floral notes and a light body.

The finish is full of vanilla, cognac and oak.

This is a really interesting malt whisky. It is full of exciting flavours and definitely offers something different. We’re looking forward to the French whisky revolution that this promises to bring.

What do you think of Alfred Giraud Heritage French Malt Whisky? Let us know in the comments!

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