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Twitter is the place to go for fast paced updates and information. That makes it perfect for following your favourite Gin brands and learning more about how they work. It also allow you the customer to interact directly with the brand, whether it’s to join a celebration or make a suggestion.

Brands cover everything from cocktail recipes to events they attend and the people behind the product. If you’ve ever wanted to get to know a brand on a deeper level, then Twitter is the place to be.

Here is a snippet of the 5 Gin Brands to Follow on Twitter!

Hendricks is fantastic at capturing a look or style and running with it. Their Twitter celebrates everything to do with their product and explores it through their quirky, vintage styled graphics. They also provide a lot of interaction with their brand including links to brilliant blog posts such as “Hendricks Guide to Modern Manners” and “In search of nothing: An exceptionally brief explanation of non-existence, nothingness and an absence of things”. This is definitely a Twitter worth taking a closer look at.

Caorunn love interacting with fans of their product on Twitter and constantly re-tweet and update their page to include fan opinions and takes on their drinks. This is a wonderful way to get to the heart of a brand and learn more about how they treat their customers. They also give an inside glance at some of the behind the scenes processes we don’t often see, such as infusing and the botanicals used.


If you’re looking to experience Gin in a different way then look no further than Bombay Sapphire Twitter page. This is the place to find extraordinary cocktail recipes and see more about the people who make them. Bombay Sapphire celebrates mixologists with an incredibly creative flair, and their Twitter page gives you the chance to experience these concoctions for yourself. Whether you are a bartender looking for inspiration or you just want to impress your friends, then Bombay Sapphire is definitely the Twitter account for you!


Sipsmith are a fun brand to follow and they often show a lot about the people behind the brand as well as their customers. They also have a great aesthetic and it’s brilliant just to see how much effort they put into capturing and promoting that. This is the account to follow to get some Gin-spiration when it comes to what cocktails you should be drinking and how. And they pose them so brilliantly it’s hard to say no.

If you want to learn more about Gin and more about Edinburgh, then following Edinburgh Gin is a must. This brand explores everything, from the history of Gin to fun cocktails to welcome in the weekend. They also feature lots of different events they attend around the city as well as beautifully posed shots of their product. This is the perfect account to see more of a fantastic up and coming brand!

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