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The re-emergence of manly pursuits; how the wet shave has risen again

Gentlemen, assuming that you are gentlemen, do you ever look at yourself and just wish you had the time to go to a real barber?

Do you ever stare at the five o’clock shadow forming on your masculine jawline and just wish you better, manlier way to get rid of it?

Well now you can and all in the comfort of your own home!

The world is moving ever faster into an age of ultra hi-tech modernity and mainstream garbage. The Personal Barber is seeking to give you an age-old experience and to provide the tools you need to make that experience unique to yourself.

The wet shave used to be a daily occurrence for every man. Unfortunately for us in the modern world, it has been relegated to the past as not being as fast as modern multi-bade razors. 

But even though it maybe not as fast, it is far superior. Using a single blade, natural soaps and plenty of water, the wet shave is healthier for your skin and economical to boot.

Now, with The Personal Barber, you can finally give your face the classic respect it deserves and look like a man doing it.

Every month the Personal Barber send you out a box with exciting, high quality shave products.

If you’ve never used wet shave kits before, do not fear. The first box you receive comes with your very own safety razor, shaving brush, soap, blades, alum and a step-by-step guide.

You’ll soon pick up this art like it was skill you were born with.

The classic safety razor is easy to use and ideal for those who have never used one before. The head is light and moveable, allowing you to exert the right amount of pressure for the perfect shave. 

And if you’re worried about going into work looking like you’ve had an altercation with Edward Scissorhands, then stop.

Including in the box is a set of alum matchsticks. Moisten the top, run over any cuts or grazes and the astringent in the tip does the job of preventing bleeding.

The brush included also has you in mind. Rather than going for hard to keep animal hair brushes, The Personal Barber have opted for the best synthetic brushes there is.

The brush lathers up the soap with the gentlest of touches and is easy to use.

But don’t think that The Personal Barber stop at a good shave. Oh no. They go the full hog, with pre and post shave products also found in your box.

No two months are the same, giving you a new experience every morning.

Not only are these products high quality, but they are also safe for your skin. The products in the box are not filled with preservatives and harmful chemicals, these soaps are tried and tested and of the finest ingredients.

These boxes are designed to bring the excitement back to the everyday task of shaving. The Personal Barber aim to make this daily chore a daily joy.

Once you start wet shaving, you’ll never want to go back.

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