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In response to a lot of questions I get asking me to recommend ‘everyday whiskies’ that are great liquids but don’t break the bank, here is the GreatDrams view on the top 3 whiskies for under £20.

When I sat down to plan for GreatDrams’ 2015 content I looked around a lot of whisky blogs, GreatDrams included, and noticed that a lot of them focussed on expensive, exclusive and often elusive whiskies vs. the day to day whiskies that we all consume and enjoy.

With that I have set about writing more about these accessible whiskies that drive huge volume sales for their owners but they also give huge enjoyment for those who consume them.

There are lots of whiskies that cost less than £20, but having tried quite a few of them over the years, I have decided to give you a top three to make things easier.

This whisky surprised me when I first tried it. I was presented it at a trade show in mid-2014 and immediately fell in love.

That is not even an overstatement. There is rarely a time now that I do not have at least one bottle in the house as it is so sippable and the peppery notes highly enjoyable.

Jim Murray gave it 94 points when he reviewed it, incredibly high for a sub-£20 blended whisky.

Rather nicely too, a proportion of each bottle sale goes towards saving The Black Grouse, which is an endangered species.

Official notes from Master of Malt:

Nose: Medium, quite smoky. Solid peat note, rummy sweetness, touch of dry wood.

Palate: Medium, balanced. Peat smoke, caramel, spice.

Finish: Long, slightly peaty.

Quite a niche expression from the Grant’s portfolio, this whisky is incredibly good for the price tag.

It is quite soft, smooth, has no harshness expected having been aged in ex-Innis & Gunn ale casks, it is very enjoyable and very malty.

I think any whisky drinker will enjoy the smoothness of this liquid, not really for celebratory times but for the end of a hard day or a casual evening dram (or few) this does the job.

It also won a bunch of awards too so cannot be too bad!

Official notes from Master of Malt:

The nose is of medium-body and quite smooth, there are some herbal notes and a little sweetness, something vegetal lurks.

The palate is of medium-body and well-balanced.

The cask notes are subtle but present, there are some gentle vegetal notes with a hoppy note, there are fudge notes with barley.

The finish is of good length with floral honey notes.

Unusual for whiskies at this price range, this blend has about forty whiskies blended into it to create a smooth liquid from a century-old recipe that will keep you intrigued.

You can easily get through a fair few of these in on session as it does not overpower the senses but does not underwhelm either – it is fun to sip.

Great to enjoy whilst kicking back after a long day, watching a film or during a ferocious game of monopoly.

Official notes from Master of Malt:

Nose: Honey, peach, apple and wood. Cut hay.

Palate: Medium, vanilla fudge, smoke, toffee, heather honey, oak.

Finish: Good length, cut herbs, honeyed sweetness.


There’s my top 3 whiskies for under £20 – any you’d add?  

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