Review: Fettercairn Fior Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky Limited Release

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Fettercairn Fior Limited Release

Foot of the mountain. That’s what Fettercairn means. And it is probably a very accurate name for the Highland village of Fettercairn, that gave it’s name to the Fettercairn distillery. 

Fior, which is the whisky that I’m tasting today, means pure or true. 

Purity seems to have been an inspiration for the Ramsay family, founders of the Fettercairn distillery. 

So much, that they embraced the unicorn as their family crest,and as a sign of commitment towards their spirit. 

The unicorn can also be found on the front label of the Fior bottle which, undoubtedly, stands out. 

And while one would be correct to assume that it’s bottle might be more appealing to female drinkers (girls love their unicorns, right?), don’t fool yourselves by expecting to taste a girl’s drink. 

The Fior is indeed smooth, but it’s aromas and flavours are robust and intense. 

Sherry lovers will adore this as well, because the sherry influence is just wonderful.

I mean, sherry is there, without making too much noise.It’s there, without being overwhelming. And it’s there without stealing the show, but rather  complimenting the rest of the complex flavours of the Fior.

And this is the graph that I have developed, to try and depict exactly how a whisky felt like. Hopefully, it will help you imagine, how the Fior tastes like.

The higher the line stays, the more robust the aromas are. More ups and downs on the line, mean different flavors reveal themselves. And obviously, the longer the line on the finish part, the longer the aftertaste.

Bottled at 42% abv,it’s a spirit to fall in love with, and surely not for those that are afraid of flavours. 


Nose: rich with spices and toffee.hint of honey and smoke. Cocoa, cinnamon and nuts. 

Palate: smooth and sherried, fruity with dark chocolate and oranges 

Finish: medium and subtle with spices, sherry and some fruit.

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Being (among other things) an enthusiastic cocktail bartender, I have learned a lot about spirits, which led me to discover how passionate and curious I am regarding anything that has to do with them. After moving to Scotland, I focused solely on single malt whisky, the king of spirits. Having tasted over a hundred scotch single malts, and currently managing a whisky bar, I think I am still on the start of my journey,in the vast world of whisky and spirits.

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