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Everyone who knows the difference between a Speysider and a Highlander or includes Campbeltown in their countdown of Whisky regions likes to consider themselves Whisky experts.

But let’s be honest, most of us think we know a thing or two about the good stuff and to be honest I thought that too when I had written my first few articles on it.

But over time as more topics popped up and new information was uncovered on old topics, it became clear that there was so much more the Whisky than I first thought.

I feel the same when I read articles about Whisky all the time.  There is always more to uncover.

Things just get more complicated when you throw in tastings and the wealth of knowledge we can learn about those.  Who knew drinking could be so complicated!

But rather than trawling the internet looking for answers or buying every book on Whisky ever written, there is a way for us to learn all we need to know about the good stuff, and enjoy a drop or two along the way.

I’m talking about Moray College UHI Whisky Course.

This is a fully accredited course that allows you to completely immerse yourself in the world of Whisky.

From how it’s made to the law behind it and how to taste it, this course covers everything you could ever want or need to know about the water of life.

The course takes place in partnership with renowned bottler and distiller Gordon & MacPhail, who are based in Elgin, not too far from the college itself.

This course however, is not based in Elgin and can be taken online, meaning you have no excuses not to take it!

It lasts a total of 20 hours learning time and costs a mere £195 including ten 50ml samples you will be assessed on and a couple of branded Glencairns.  This is well worth looking into if you are passionate about Whisky and want to know more.

It is also great for those already in the industry, or with any links to the industry, including tourism and hospitality.

This course really does get deep into Whisky.  It teaches you the distilling process and its history, as well as how to taste and distinguish between Whiskies.

It begins with how Whisky is made and from here develops deeper into Scotch specifically.

This will tell you everything you need to know about Scotch and the Whisky Regions of Scotland.

From flavour profiles to variations in style to the definition of Scotch in the law, the Moray Whisky Course will provide you with boundless amounts of information on you favourite tipple.

It also goes into international Whiskies and the differences between these and Scotch.  This is a great place to learn a lot of new things about the ever growing international Whisky market.

You might even find a new favourite alternative to Scotch (although we doubt that’s possible).

And don’t feel that you have to be in the industry to take this course either.

Maybe you’re curious and just want to know more about it, or maybe you want to start a tasting club.  Whatever your reason may be this is a fantastic opportunity to really delve into the world of Whisky and learn more about it.

The only requirement is that you are over 18 and love of a drop of the good stuff!

I had a thoroughly enjoyable time going through this course, and passed, naturally – good fun, lots of information and at a pace you set yourself. Let me know how you get on! 

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