Ledaig 19 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky Review

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Ah the Ledaig 19 Year Old, what a great whisky. Pronounced "Le-Chig”, this single malt hailing from the Isle of Mull is formed using some of the very first peated malt produced at the Tobermory Distillery in the late 90s.

They explain the uniqueness in their process as using “peat-dried malted barley [that is] married with naturally peat-infused water from a lochan high in the mountains above the village” – all sounds lovely, and must say I want to try that water!

The curiousness around this release is the finish using Marsala wine casks, intrigued by this one.

Costing around £125, and clocking in at 51% ABV, this is not a whisky to be messed with; it is a lovely whisky that I, as a ‘peat head’ appreciated greatly.

Tasting notes.

Sweet peat smoke consumes the nose, beautiful bitter dark chocolate notes, barley wafts, ginger, spices and biscuity hints all wrapped in a lovely juicy wine aroma that develops on the palate into something exquisite.

For me it is all the about peaty biscuity notes, which is why I would highly recommend this dram to anyone who likes a peated glass of happiness.

You can’t knock the work done at Tobermory, especially with the Ledaig range that is superb, and one I always look out for, although must confess that I have not explored the range and their previous releases nearly enough.

This is something I will look to rectify in the coming months as there is something here that, for me, is what makes this mythical and delightful spirit so appealing; the cask finish is a nice selling point, but it is only one factor in a much greater flavour set that you are literally forced to spend time with, I nosed the whisky for around 15 minutes before writing anything and before thinking about pouring or sipping.

That’s what I love about what I do and what I feel we should all enjoy from our malts; not the ABV, not the singular flavour compound of ‘light’ or ‘floral’ or ‘peated’ but an all-round display of flavour that captivates us and makes us want more… now… I need to get a bottle, and sharp!

Overall, a lovely dram that induced a level of happiness and reflection I was not expecting. Thanks to Tobermory and Distell for providing the sample.

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