Glenrothes Distillery transforms range and gets rid of Vintages

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Shaking things up a little at the Glenrothes Distillery, the company have gotten rid of their vintages and replaced them age-stated expressions to capture the modern drinker.

The Glenrothes Distillery are well known for their typical speyside malts, and with this move, they are offering consumers a chance to know their malt better.

Bringing on board six new malts, the brand has replaced their previous line up with expressions that now carry an age statement. Well at least five of them do.

Named the Soleo Collection, each of the bottlings have been matured in Sherry casks and the main aim of the age statements is to inform drinkers of what they’re getting.

A Glenrothes Distillery spokesperson stated; “Premium drinkers are more confident when choosing a whisky with an age statement, as it acts as an important cue in navigating the range.

“What’s more, to them, the age statement is indicative of a whisky with better taste and a higher quality.”

The New Glenrothes Distillery Collection

The youngest malt is a 10 Year Old, priced at £36.45, that has been matured in Shery casks.

It opens with vanilla and citrus fruits, lots of oranges and a hint of biscuits.

The palate is packed with shortbread, more citrus fruits and a hint of cinnamon. The citrus goes especially well with the shortbread, bringing out the sweetness perfectly.

Oak wood and a hint of Sherry warmth add to the overall flavour. Slight nod towards dried fruit and malted grains.

The finish is wonderfully sweet, with a little warmth and oak wood.

The next we have is the 12 Year Old, priced at £40.95 and has also been matured in Sherry casks.

The nose is full of really refreshing fruit notes, such as melon and banana, with big hints of vanilla.

The palate is sweet and mellow. This is a really smooth, easy-going dram that introduces its flavours slowly.

The vanilla takes over, with more banana. Cinnamon and citrus fruits also appear, bringing a lovely spice and tart note.

The finish is bold and full of vanilla, melon and Sherry spice.

After the 12 Year Old we have the Whisky Maker’s Cut, priced at £50.95.

This dram has been hand selected by the distillery’s Master Whisky Maker. It is a brilliant dram, packed with flavour and expertly crafted.

The Sherry of the casks can be detected form the get go. Everything on the nose is peppered with spice and dried fruits.

Lots of raisins, apricots, dates and figs appear on the palate, with zesty citrus fruits and lots of spice.

It is full of heat, with a dusting of cinnamon and nutmeg over everything. There is a distinctly Christmas cake feel to it, but the zest of lemons brings us back to a more lively flavour.

The finish wraps everything up in vanilla and oak wood.

Now we have the 18 Year Old, priced at £100.

The nose begins with orange and sweet nuts. It is really deep and elegant. The flavours all bounce off one another and melt together the longer you appreciate it.

The palate is likewise well developed and harmonious. Pears, apples, oranges, vanilla, ginger and delicate floral notes all play together to create a brilliant malt.

This is a gem in the Glenrothes crown, where the flavours are enticing and bold.

The finish lingers on spice and floral notes, with a little hint of vanilla.

The next in line is the 25 Year Old, priced at £320.

This is definitely a sweeter malt compared to the others, and has an abundance of tropical fruit.

Pineapples, mangoes, satsumas and passion fruit are all there on the nose. They are ripe and juicy, with lots of sweetness.

The palate becomes more subdued, with caramel and coriander taking charge. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t excellent. These only complement the tropical fruits and add a wonderful dash of spice.

The heat lingers on the finish, which is long and packed with fruit, caramel and vanilla.

Lastly, we have the 40 Year Old. This dram has not yet been released, but judging by how amazing its siblings are, we can only postulate that it will be incredible as well. Look out for a review when it’s released in 2019.

The Glenrothes Distillery certainly did the right thing in getting rid of their vintages. This new collection is informative and exciting, offering a range of flavours and age ranges to get to know.

The malts are well developed and once you’ve had one, you’ll want to enjoy them all. You may as well add them all to your Whisky collection now, or regret it later!

What do you think of this move by The Glenrothes Distillery? Let us know in the comments!

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