Glenfiddich Select Cask Single Malt Scotch Whisky Review

The Glenfiddich Select Cask Single Malt is inspired by long held traditions at Glenfiddich, but is also a marker of their innovation.

The Brand

Glenfiddich are one of the biggest selling Scotches around the world. They are well known for the creativity and quality.

Despite having been around since 1886, the brand is very forward thinking and innovative.

They recently released an IPA barrel aged malt, as well as Winter Storm, which is crafted from whisky finished in ice wine casks.

These are really exciting releases and are part of the Experimental series, which sees Malt Master Brian Kinsman pushing his drams to the limit and coming up with some really interesting drams.

The Glenfiddich Select Cask

The Glenfiddich Select Cask expression is part of this push, although it is not included in the Experimental series. Released as a travel retail exclusive, it is in the Cask Collection, which consists of the Reserve Cask, Select Cask and Vintage Cask.

The Cask Collection carries on the Glenfiddich method of maturing using a solera vat system, more typically seen in its 15 Year Old. The vat system allows the malt to marrying for longer periods of time after having been matured.

The Select Cask is an example of how well the vat system works. This dram is packed with flavour and is rich and elegant.

TTasting notes for the Glenfiddich Select Cask Single Malt Scotch Whisky

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It opens with a nose of floral notes and lots of bold vanilla and oak flavours. These are delicious and luxurious, with lots of complexity. Citrus fruits also abound, bringing a nice zest and really livening up the dram.

The palate is equally packed with flavour. It has lots more oak and vanilla, with a wonderful hint of caramel and fresh cut grass. It has a gentle peppery spice, with lots of creamy caramel and dark treacle. This gives it a thick, mellow mouth feel and well rounded note.

Big notes of sherry also appear, with more warmth and cinnamon spice, alongside dried fruit, candied peels and malted grains.

A wonderful example of the innovation that is happening and has been at Glenfiddich for decades now. This distillery is set to keep doing interesting things with their drams, so watch this space to see what is next!

What do you think of the Glenfiddich Select Cask? Let us know in the comments!

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