Glen Keith 29 1992 Single Malt Review

The great thing about whisky is the fact that each batch is considerably different to the last. Whiskies made in exactly the same way as others but stored slightly longer, or stored in a different vessel, can taste astonishingly different. Glen Keith 29 Year Old 1992 whisky is a prime example of this.

Glen Keith is a name synonymous with independent bottling, and the Glen Keith 1992 29 Years by the Thompson Brothers, just solidifies exactly why that is.

Glen Keith may seem like just another fairly new distillery in Scotland, but scratch below the surface and dig a little deeper, and you’ll find passion and expertise that is sadly becoming rarer and rarer in the modern brewing world.

Glen Keith came about in the 1950s and instantly favoured triple-distillation. The distillery also became the first distillery with gas-fired direct heating, and they would regularly experiment with various wheat mashes. The results were astonishing.

Glen Keith 29 Year Old 1992

Phil and Simon Thompson have made a real name for themselves in the world of distilling and putting their name to the bottling of this gem, it’s very simple to understand why that is.

The brothers started out running a highly successful whisky bar, before branching out into distilling via the Dornloch Distillery. Not only did they produce a series of delicious blended whiskies, they’ve also produced a selection of amazing gins, rums, and other spirits.

Putting their name to this amazing whisky will surely elevate the brothers no end.

This single malt whisky from 1992 was bottled in 2021, and was limited to just 437 bottles worldwide.

The whisky itself provides plenty of burn thanks to the 46.2% ABV, though it is surprisingly smooth and rich, with plenty of sweet and fruity notes, and a decent amount of spice. It’s also a lovely pale sunflower yellow colour that just screams ‘summer’.

Tasting Notes

On the nose, take your first breath and you’ll instantly pick up rich vanilla custard notes, followed by overripe bananas. Inhale again and you should pick up honeydew melon, butterscotch, demerara sugar, and a hint of iron.

On the palate butterscotch mousse should come through, coupled with fresh vanilla, pineapple syrup, sticky plums, black peppercorns, cloves and nutmeg, and even a touch of desiccated toasted coconut.

The finish is long and leaves you with more spices, with peppercorns in particular really coming through. You’ll also detect a hint of earthiness and lemon meringue pie.

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