Filey Bay Flagship, STR and Moscatel Yorkshire English Single Malt Whisky

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Situated on the gorgeous Yorkshire coast, Filey Bay Whisky is a relatively new and brilliant English whisky company. Their malts are introducing news flavour profiles to areas that have never had distilleries.

Yorkshire Born and Bred

The Spirit of Yorkshire Distillery was opened in 2017 and was the first distillery to ever have opened in the area (legally anyway!). Since then a couple of others have joined the ranks, but Spirit of Yorkshire remains the biggest and best known.

Since they opened, they have created a range of whiskies and are exploring flavour profiles through finishing techniques and interesting maturation. Given that there have not been any distilleries in Yorkshire before them, they have a blank slate to begin crafting their malt.

English whisky itself is experiencing a renaissance, with multiple distilleries opening in the last decade or so. As whisky takes off around the globe, now is the prime time for distilleries like Spirit of Yorkshire to bring an interested fanbase on board.

While they might be a new distillery, Spirit of Yorkshire sticks to traditional distilling techniques. They also grow their own barley on their Hunmanby based family farm and source their water locally. Everything is done with provenance and locality in mind. A truly Yorkshire whisky!

Tasting notes for Filey Bay Flaship Single Malt Yorkshire Whisky

Bottle cost: £55.00

Filey Bay Flagship has been matured in ex-bourbon casks and is part of the distillery’s core range.

The nose opens with mellow orchard aromas and a gentle hint of oak. It is quite sweet with a refreshing note of citrus.

The palate is full of caramel and vanilla, with rich oak notes. The overall body of the malt is light and easy going. Soft notes of honey also appear.

The finish is bold and sweet, with more vanilla and oak wood.

Tasting notes for Filey Bay STR Finish Single Malt Yorkshire Whisky

Bottle cost: £60.00

This is a really intriguing malt from Filey Bay that has been matured in bourbon casks and finished in shaved, toasted and re-charred red wine barriques from Spain.

The nose begins with notes of summer berries and citrus fruits. It is light and creamy. Vanilla and oak also come through.

The palate brings in notes of oak wood, chocolate, vanilla cream and caramelised orange peel. There is a lovely delicate floral note throughout.

The finish is soft, with notes of caramel and florals.

Tasting notes for Filey Bay Moscatel Single Malt Yorkshire Whisky

Bottle cost: £60.00

Spirit of Yorkshire’s Filey Bay Moscatel Single Malt has been matured in bourbon casks before being transferred into hogsheads that held moscatel for 10 years.

The nose is sweet and floral, with a note of oak wood and oranges. There is a lovely note of honey throughout.

The palate is brimming with floral notes and lots of orange aromas. Caramel, treacle and honey also come through.

The finish lingers on orange blossom and caramel.

Spirit of Yorkshire’s Filey Bay range is full of interesting and well developed malts. These three are a snapshot of some of the great creations that are coming out of the Yorkshire distillery and are an exciting exploration of new flavours.

What are your thoughts on Spirit of Yorkshire and the Filey Bay range? Let us know in the comments!

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