A birthday present for David Beckham 40 years in the making

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Believe it or not, David Beckham's birthday present from Haig Club™ was 40 years in the making.

On May 1st 2015 during what David Beckham thought was a regular business meeting with the HAIG CLUB™ brand team, Global Whisky Master Ewan Gunn surprised the global icon with a unique gift for his birthday.

In celebration of this milestone year, the HAIG CLUB™ team created a one-of-a kind, handcrafted crystal decanter containing rare 40-year old Single Grain Scotch Whisky distilled for Haig, as a surprise gift for the HAIG CLUB™ partner, presented in his London office.

The hand-blown crystal decanter continues a long-standing House of Haig tradition of producing exquisite, limited edition decanters to celebrate and commemorate special occasions.

The decanter took more than 120 hours to create, by carefully layering clear and blue crystal whilst blowing the decanter into shape, followed by rigorous polishing and engraving to achieve the perfect finish.The wooden presentation box was hand-crafted using American walnut and copper taken from the traditional column stills used at Cameronbridge distillery where HAIG CLUB™ is made.

The stopper was crafted from the same walnut – with the top and bottom sandwiching a 3mm sliver of oak from the 40 year old cask from which the whisky for David Beckham’s gift was drawn.

The whisky comes from one of only a handful of remaining casks of 40-year old Haig Single Grain Scotch Whisky aging at Diageo’s Black Grange warehouses in Scotland. The refill oak hogshead cask was filled on March 3, 1975 and revisited earlier this year. At 40 years old, this cask strength Scotch expresses all the best qualities of HAIG CLUB™.

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