Cotswolds 2015 Odyssey Barley Single Malt English Whisky

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Deep in the English countryside we find the gorgeous Cotswolds Distillery. The Odyssey Barley Single Malt 2015 is one of their best releases.

A Very English Whisky

The Cotswolds is a spectacular part of England, so where better to open a distillery? That’s what Dan Szor thought when he first opened the Cotswolds Distillery in 2014. Szor, a native of New York, had spent much of his working life in central London, which doesn’t quite have the same beautiful scenes as the Cotswolds.

Before opening the Distillery, Szor took the time to become educated on the distilling process and attended Herriot Watt in Edinburgh to learn the craft. With that knowledge under his belt, off he took to the Cotswolds to found one of the first distilleries in England for decades.

Since then Cotswolds Distillery has taken off, producing a wide range of whisky, gin and liqueurs, for which they have received a lot of awards.

Odyssey Barley 2015

One of their best single malts is the 2015 Odyssey Barley release. This is the second edition of this malt, with a 2014 release the year before. It is a celebration of the excellent quality of barley that the Cotswolds Distillery has access to and was another reason why Szor decided to open there.

The malt has been matured in first fill casks and made using grain from Akeman Farm.

Tasting notes for Cotswolds Distillery Odyssey Barley 2015 Single Malt English Whisky

Bottle cost: £128

The nose is sweet and rich, with an intriguing complexity to it. Vanilla, caramel and oak wood give it a nice base to start from. Citrus noes take over, with a lovely hint of pastry.

The palate is equally complex, with a wonderful warmth to it. Cinnamon, oranges, oak and vanilla appear and develop well. Burnt sugar, malted grains and orchard notes give it a slightly refreshing flavour.

The finish is strong, with more oak wood and a final note of orange oil.

This is a great exploration into the quality of malt produced at Cotswolds Distillery and a truly wonderful dram.

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