Compass Box Peat Monster Arcana Blended Malt Scotch Whisky

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Another innovation from Compass Box, Peat Monster Arcana is an exploration of types of oak and their effect on peated, blended malts.

Pushing Boundaries

Compass Box are well known for pushing what we think we know about whisky to the limit. They are always innovating and trying to uncover something new, something that the whisky brands of old just haven’t thought of yet. This often leads them down some very interesting paths, and into some very interesting flavour profiles.

The company was first founded in 2000 and since then has made waves throughout the Scotch industry. This isn’t just because of the high quality of their whiskies, although that does help, but also the thought and inventiveness that goes into them.

Peat Monster Family

Peat Monster is one of those whiskies. This is a blended malt that has been crafted using peated malts from across Scotland. As well as the obvious peat flavours, it also tries to capture a refined, “graceful” side to the malts used.

There is also an excellent seaside flavour to Peat Monster. This flavour profile usually goes hand in hand with peated malts, especially the ones from Islay. It makes sense to capture this in a peated malt and Compass Box honour the tradition of seaside peated whiskies by including this flavour in Peat Monster.

Building on this, Peat Monster Arcana uses re-fill French oak casks to mature the malt for a further two years and bring out a whole new flavour and texture.

Tasting notes for Compass Box Peat Monster Arcana Blended Malt Scotch Whisky

Bottle cost: £74.95

The nose begins with notes of peat and citrus fruits. There is a slightly salted note, with some brine and fresh sea air as well.

The palate is bold and rich. It brings in cinnamon spices, malted grains and a creamy mouth feel. Peat wafts across and brings all the flavours together really well.

The finish lingers on milk chocolate and notes of peat.

Like with most of their whiskies, this is a really intriguing blend. It has a very interesting character and offers something a bit different from your typical peated blended malt.

What do you think of Compass Box Peat Monster Arcana? Let us know in this comments!

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