Ben Bracken 27 Year Old Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky Review

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Ben Bracken is a range of single malts that was released a few years ago by Lidl. They took the whisky world by storm because of their high quality and low price.

It is not unusual for supermarkets to commission and release their own malts, but these are not always the best on the shelf. That is where Ben Bracken really bucked the trend.

As it turned out, this range was actually rather impressive, and critics sang its praises everywhere.

Following the success of Ben bracken, the supermarket has taken to releasing more expressions, and their 27 Year Old is one of those.

This is a Speyside malt that lives up to predecessors, with lots of flavour and at an impressive price for a malt over 20 years old.

The nose is full of fruit and pastry. It opens on banana pancakes, with crepes and summer berries. These are ripe and juicy, just waiting to be savoured on the palate.

These are joined by citrus fruits and apples that are brimming with flavour and add a nice bite to the opening.

The pastries are buttery and creamy, with lots of cereal notes coming through. These are delicious against the tangy boldness of the fruits.

On the palate these flavours mix and meld together. They are mouth wateringly inviting.

The fruit becomes sweeter, with less zest but just as much flavour.

The oak of the barrels also comes across really well on the palate. This goes hand in hand with the pastry and cereal notes of the nose.

Everything about this dram is refined and elegant. The flavours mix well and complement each other, with none being too overwhelming or subtle.

The finish is strong, with more pastries and dessert like notes coming through. It has a final kick of citrus fruits before it goes completely.

This is another well crafted offering from Lidl, and the supermarket have been able to recreate the quality and intense flavours of their original releases. Keep an eye out for more from Ben Bracken as it is proving to be a worthwhile investment… and definitely a worthwhile sipper!

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