Alcohol Anecdotes from the Royals

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Ever wondered what a royal tipple looks like?

Thanks to The Daily Telegraph’s Andrew Alderson’s privileged access to the Queen for a fortnight in 2009, we have an inkling what Her Majesty fills her drams with.

Let us begin with gin. The Queen apparently likes a measure of the spirit mixed with Dubbonnet and two cubes of ice and de-pipped lemon slice, just before lunch. Jolly good, we say. For the plebs among us, Dubonnet is a sweet blend of herbs and spices and fortified wine. Probably not available down Tesco Express, but definitely worth hunting down.

Though there mayn’t be much love lost between them, both the Queen and the Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla, appreciate a good gin. It is rumoured that upon meeting with Prince William to discuss her relationship with his father, she emerged saying “I need a gin and tonic”. This was likely an understatement.

Meanwhile Prince Charles is a little 007 in his tastes, with a predilection for Martinis. However, the Prince of Wales doesn’t let us down in the Scotch stakes, he particularly enjoys the Barrogill whisky personally selected by him following a tasting at Inver House Distillers, and he doesn’t mind dabbling in the 15-year-old Laphraoig now and again either.

Prince William himself has a track record of Stella Artois, Sambuca and Guinness, but it is the Duchess of Cambridge’s favourite cocktail which made us smile most. “Crack Baby” was even served at the Royal wedding. This fabulous fusion of passion fruit juice, vodka and raspberry liqueur finished with champagne is even more fabulous for its name. Good on you Kate.

Prince Harry may appear a connoisseur of various drinks, but vodka is his forte. His favourite brand is the premium vodka Cîroc Ultra, made using grapes and coming in various flavours including Red Berry, Coconut and Peach. Harry, we think you’re onto something.

Prince Phillip, as usual, does not disappoint. The Queen’s hubby likes a no fuss, simple Boddington’s beer brewed in Manchester. One assumes he does not go to Manchester to drink it.

In addition to their drinks of choice, the royals have laid claim to some wonderful alcohol related anecdotes in their time. Here are just two;

The Not-So Grape Escape

Picture the scene. It’s a hot July evening in 1982 and you are about to be the only criminal capable of breaking into Buckingham Palace. After scaling a 14 foot wall, dodging spikes and barbed wire with your buttocks intact, you slip casually into a palace window. No biggie.

First things first, you want to get your bearings before meeting the Queen. Obvious thing to do to carb-up with some cheese and crackers in the pantry, before glugging some Californian wine from Prince Charles’ bedroom. Nicely done.

Upon reaching Elizabeth, it transpires that she wasn’t expecting you. You do, unequivocally, get chucked out. However, legend has it that the mastermind who actually did this was offered a glass of whisky by security because he “looked like he needed it”. He’d certainly earned it. Also, technically, back then it wasn’t illegal to enter Buckingham Palace.

But come on Michael, we English never mean it when we say ‘do pop round any time’.

Royal Wine Mobile

It was the natural thing to do for Elizabeth to buy Prince Charles an Aston Martin for his 21st. Even more natural, was for the young prince to convert the vehicle into a car which ran solely on surplus British wine stocks. Eco-friendly and efficient, we could be looking at the next Q here.

If you would like to be more like Prince Charles and run your cars on wine, this is actually possible. There are microfuellers available which allow you to do just that, and it really is good for the planet. Next time you think about drinking that half-finished bottle of red that Janet demoted to the beef casserole, you know what to do.

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