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The GreatDrams Whisky Tasting Experience

The GreatDrams Whisky Tasting Experience

Whisky Drams laid out at a GreatDrams Whisky Tasting Experience

private whisky tastings

GreatDrams.com, one man’s mission to experience, share and inspire with everything great about whisky, whiskey, gin, beer and fine dining, has extended its offering to include the GreatDrams Whisky Tasting Experience.

GreatDrams is an award-winning whisky site, the current UK Food & Drink Blog of the Year, one of the Top Five Whisky Blogs in the World (as declared by the International Whisky Competition) and a UK Blog Awards Highly Commended Lifestyle blog. And now we are making our whisky tasting experience available to you!

Now we are making the GreatDrams whisky tasting experience available to you!

Every whisky tasting is tailored specifically to your requirements; be it for ten people or fifty, the experience will be unique to you. There are no assumptions about whisky knowledge level, all your attendees need to bring is an open mind, enthusiasm and a willingness to try new things.


“A friendly and well-organised event” – Anthony, regular attendee

Book a whisky tasting


Whisky tastings are great for:
Corporate entertainment / team-building
Client entertainment
In home birthday celebrations
School alumni
Christmas parties
Product launches
rivate bar / restaurant / cafe events
Stag / hen parties
and anything in between.


“Thanks for the experience, everyone who came enjoyed it, you could tell by the questions they asked and how involved every single person was in each discussion” – Simon, Electric Coffee

“Greg was a fabulous host, and it’s clear that he’s really knowledgeable about whisk(e)y and has a great passion for it” – Sarah, Attendee

“Within five mins you had us all captivated, listening intently and enthralled with distillery and whisky stories” – Attendee

“Your passion and knowledge was evident from the start” – Chris, attendee


The aim for all GreatDrams whisky tasting events is for everyone to have a great time and enjoy themselves, hopefully they will also find new styles of whisky they like too.

Each person’s attendance includes: 

  • Event-specific tasting mat
  • A 20 minute intro to the history of whisky and the format of the event
    • Tailored to the theme of the tasting, for example:
      • Whisky from different regions
      • Exploring peaty whisky
      • International whiskies
      • Specific aged whisky (maybe 30 year old whiskies for a 30th)
      • Limited editions etc.
      • Cask wood finishes (sherry, port, wine etc.)
      • Beginners whisky understanding
      • An exploration of Islay
      • Silent distilleries of Scotland
      • Home nations’ whisky (Scotland, Ireland, England, Wales)
      • Japan and the Far East
      • Bourbon & Rye
      • We will be discuss and tailor once you book a whisky tasting with GreatDrams
  • A guided tasting by me through five whiskies including distillery stories
  • All whiskies presented in official Glencairn tasting glasses
  • There will be an educational side too so everyone will be able to properly nose and drink whisky by the end
  • The opportunity to enjoy more after the official tasting finishes
  • We even bring all Glencairn glasses and water jugs with us, clear up and take them all with us again leaving no cleaning or tidying burden to any venues we work with, not bad eh?


“Your laid-back attitude was perfectly pitched and thoroughly enjoyable to listen to” – Attendee


Costs per person are dependent on the amount of people attending and the whiskies we will be sampling i.e. limited edition whiskies will cost more because of their rarity and inability to try again.


“Was a fun night and I got a lot of great feedback from all who came along” – Dom, KAPLAN University


Fill in the short form below to get started and I will help you book a whisky tasting with GreatDrams.

  • Just give me a brief overview for now (theme, preferred dates, occasion), we will discuss in detail later.

Thanks for thinking of GreatDrams and for taking the time to enquire and book a whisky tasting with us.

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