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We will be mixing highballs with our award-winning whisky & Fentiman's soda water to make some awesome highballs with different flavour profiles


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Learn how to make the perfect highballs with three whiskies with different flavour profiles & Fentiman’s soda water to make some awesome highballs with different flavour profiles.

Whisky flavour profiles being used:


In using these three whiskies we will be able to compare and contrast smooth, fruity and smoky whiskies so you can find the perfect balance to your highball and see how different whiskies alter the flavour subtly, whilst still creating a wonderfully refreshing drink.
Pack consists of 3 x 50ml measures of whisky and 2 x 125ml bottles of soda.

The tasting is to be broadcast live on the GreatDrams Facebook page May 6th –⁠

The video will be uploaded to YouTube after the tasting so those who cannot make May 6th can still get involved at a time that suits them.⁠
All you need to provide is glassware and ice!

Here’s how to make a highball whisky cocktail, the GreatDrams way:

  • Take a tall glass and fill with ice – preferably large chunks of ice as you want it to dilute slowly, not as soon as the whisky is added
  • Now pour 50ml of your whisky of choice into the glass
  • Stir the whisky gently, but with rhythm so that it chills right down with the ice – I would suggest doing this for around thirty to forty-five seconds at a minimum to get it to the right temperature and viscosity
  • Gently pour 150ml of chilled soda water into the glass, stirring as you do
  • The ice will have diluted slightly, leaving room for more ice to be added to the glass so do so so that the glass is filled with ice – this will further stop dilution taking place too quickly
  • Continue to stir for about thirty seconds and that’s how you make a Highball!


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