Blended Cask Series

GreatDrams Blended Release No 4 The World Blend

Only 50 bottles have ever been produced of this smoky, fruity smooth blended world whisky.



Limited to: 50 bottles globally

So many countries around the world produce whisky that it made sense to celebrate the diverse flavour profiles coming from countries, cultures and approaches to the whisky creation process.

With a peated base, this whisky includes grain and malt whisky from select producers that in their own way captured our attention with intriguing approaches to what it means to be a whisky producer in their country.

We are constantly being challenged by our customers to come up with new ideas with each new release, so with this super-limited edition we created a world blend using whiskies from five different countries – America, Canada, India, Ireland and Scotland. The result is this smoky smooth blend showcasing what the world of whisky has to offer.

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