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In 1896 one of Scotland’s biggest selling Whiskies was born under the knowledgeable eye of Matthew Gloag.

That Whisky was The Famous Grouse and it still lives on today, as does the legend of Matthew Gloag, who’s signature still adorns the bottle.

Family Business

The story of The Famous Grouse really dates back to the early 1800s, when the first Matthew Gloag, grandfather to the founder of The Famous Grouse, started blending it.

He was a merchant and green grocer in Perth at the time and like many in that business, he took to blending Whisky that he purchased from surrounding distilleries.

In 1860 his son William took over from him and continued the family tradition of blending and selling great drams.

He instilled the same knowledge and dedication to a fine glass of Whisky in his own son, Matthew, named after his grandfather.

The Grouse Brand

While it may appear then that The Famous Grouse comes from the first Matthew Gloag, it was his grandson that created The Famous Grouse brand and propelled the drink to the height it has reached today.

Back in 1896 however, it was only known as The Grouse, and it wasn’t until 1905 that it became known as The Famous Grouse.

Perhaps the most significant thing about the Grouse brand is that Gloag did not feel the need to brand it after himself, as was popular during the time.

Instead he opted to create a unique brand that recalled the Scottish heritage of Whisky.

Only the Best

Gloag had learnt a lot from his family’s history in distilling and knew the importance of a fine cask.

He would go out of his way to get the best casks and then to fill them with the finest ingredients.

It is unsurprising that The Famous Grouse has become so well known and loved, considering the high standards to which it is made.

This is an tradition that was passed down from Gloag, and besides his signature on the bottle, is a sign of his lasting legacy.


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