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Irish whiskey reviews

Before you get into the below Irish whiskey reviews, a little background.

First, it’s not a spelling error. Unlike scotch, Irish whiskey is indeed be spelled with an ‘e’. Why?

The odd spelling is in fact a hangover from languages past. Quite simple, Irish whiskey is an evolution from a Gaelic term. Scotch whisky, meanwhile is derived from a Celtic term. The difference might be a source of constant frustration for us whisky bloggers (/whiskey bloggers), but, all told, it’s a small price to pay.

Famously, Irish whiskey largely avoids using peat in the malting process. There are a few exceptions, but the general rule of thumb means Irish whiskey tends to be smoother than other varieties, with an absence of earthy undertones.

The fact that Irish whiskey has been the fastest growing spirit every year since 1990 means there’s now plenty of exploration to be had. I hope my Irish whiskey reviews and guides below offer some inspiration and encourage you to get stuck in. I can personally assure you: there are some incredible expressions on offer.